Julie Papineau


Julie’s career in real estate was sparked over 30 years ago by a less-than-satisfactory experience when buying the family’s first home in Australia. This process inspired her to step into the industry and help raise the bar in regards to the level of service provided by sales representatives.

She brought with her the tireless dedication, organisation, grace and public relation skills honed by close to a decade in her previous high-end hospitality roles. In addition to being a qualified sales representative, Julie also holds a Diploma of Property Services in Agency Management.

Julie and her husband, Tony Papineau, have both earned a reputation as trusted and well-respected local real estate experts. They work well together, applying their combined expertise in unlocking the real value of a property. They pride themselves on providing the highest standard of service in a patient and respectful manner while achieving for their clients an outcome as financially rewarding as possible.

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