Area Overview: Hilton

Hilton is located within the City of Fremantle. The suburb has an eclectic mixture of weather, fibro and brick dwellings, with the suburb undergoing extensive urban renewal and recently more three- and four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes.

The post-World War II design was initiated under a state government initiative known as “garden suburbs”  which were typified by wide verges and single homes on large blocks.

The northern precinct of Hilton contains a number of laneways and the village centre (on the north side of South Street). This features a greengrocer, a butcher, a hair salon, squash courts, builders, veterinarian surgery and a café.

South Street, Paget Street and Carrington Street contain most of the remaining retail activity in Hilton, including a public bar, an Indian restaurant, a pizzeria, post office, café and assorted retail.

The area is convenient to a range of primary schools (Hilton Primary School, Christ The King School, Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School, Winterfold Primary School, White Gum Valley Primary School, East Hamilton Hill Primary School, Beaconsfield Primary School) and secondary schools (Fremantle College, Seton Catholic College, Port School, Fremantle Christian College, John Curtin College Of The Arts, North Lake Senior Campus, Kennedy Baptist College, Perth Waldorf School).

Hilton is around five minutes by car from the central business district of Fremantle and the Indian Ocean.

Local Council: City of Fremantle

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